About Broadcasting Hakka

“Broadcasting Hakka” went online in August 2009 to provide Taiwanese Hakka videos and broadcasting services, record the most precious, wonderful, and diverse Taiwanese Hakka images and sounds, establish a shared Hakka multimedia database, and share the beauty of Hakka culture with the world.

Introduction to Broadcasting Hakka

Broadcasting Hakka offers services in the following ten categories:

Latest Videos

New Program

This section offers you the latest Hakka programs.

Visit Hakka village

Monthly Topic

This section offers programs for the different topics planned every month and the films selected for your appreciation.

Hakka Tour

Hakka Tour

This section offers introductions to tourist attractions in Hakka townships so that you can enjoy a happy trip.

Hakka Learning

Let’s Learn Hakka

This section offers people of different ages an easy way to learn Hakka by watching films.

Just for Kids and Teens

Especialy for Children and Teenagers

This section offers Hakka cartoons, children’s songs, and learning videos for children and teenagers to grow up and enjoy learning.

Drama Appreciation

Drama Appreciation

This section collects Hakka classical drama TV series for you to enjoy the charm of Hakka drama.

News & Perspectives

News & Perspectives

This section offers Hakka culture, biography reports, documentaries, and news reports so you can explore more about Hakka townships.

Hakka Abroad

Hakka Overseas

This section offers life programs to Hakka people abroad and shares with them splendid stories and introductions to the scenic attractions.

Hakka Music

Hakka Music

This section offers diverse music styles about Hakka such as Hakka children’s songs, traditional as well as modern songs.



This section offers live or on demand hakka radio programs and gives you access to latest information.

About The Hakka Affairs Council

The Hakka Affairs Council is the only central authority responsible for Hakka affairs in the world .Its mission is to revitalize Hakka language and culture, build a unifying Hakka identity full of happiness, confidence and dignity, and become a global center for Hakka cultural research and exchange.